This section describes the testing framework and options for testing MEGARA DRP

Running tests

MEGARA DRP uses py.test as its testing framework.

As MEGARA DRP does not contain C/Cython extensions, the tests can be run directly in the source code, as:

cd megaradrp-0.4.0
cd src
py.test megaradrp

Some of the tests rely on data downloaded from a server. These tests are skipped by default. To enable them run instead:

py.test --run-remote megaradrp

The reduction recipes are tested with remote data. Each recipe is run in a directory created under the default $TMPDIR, which is based on the user temporal directory. The base of the created directories can be changed with the option --basetemp=dir:

py.test --basetemp=/home/spr/test100 --run-remote megaradrp